Deep Breath…

So this has been a looooong time coming. And I probably would have never bitten the bullet and done it if it weren’t for my amazing supportive husband and mom. For the just over two years Rob and I have been married I have been talking about blogging. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and how I wanted to go about it. Did I want to do food, exercise, healthy living tips, or something completely different?
Not too long ago Rob woke up in the morning and said he had some thoughts on my blog. He said I was the only person he knew that has lost a TON of weight and still has a healthy relationship with food. He said I should blog about that. My journey, the craziness that goes on inside my head, my love/hate relationship with working out and the food I love. So here goes nothing. Rob and my parents will probably be the only ones that read this but I don’t care. I am doing this for me. I never do anything for myself and I am finally going to do something for me.
Forgive me for the super amateur photography. Someday when I have the means I will take awesome pics of food but for now this will do. But join me if you want. Learn who I am, how I got to where I am now and eat some amazing food along the way. Until next time…I am off to eat some ice cream and cookie dough…
P.S. I also have to give credit to Rob for my blog title, he came up with it and I love it. It fits perfectly.

2 thoughts on “Deep Breath…

  1. Kristie Weber says:

    I am glad you are finally doing this for you. You should always do something for you. It makes relationships much different and your outlook is always better. When are we going to go for a bike ride?


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