For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting this little lady you are really missing out. Olivia is the sweetest most adorable baby I have ever known. And no, I am not biased. I snapped these right before nap time today and as I look at them am just filled with so much love. It has been a rough February and March around our house. She has been sick and/or teething for all but one week of those two months. Not exaggerating. It has been hard to see her not feel well and be in pain and not be able to make everything alright. We just kept the antibiotics and Ibuprofen in her and were there with lots of snuggles when she needed them. Today she is a little bit more back to her happy self and all I can say is hallelujah! Here’s to hoping warmer weather means the sickness goes away for a long time.

A friend of ours who does samples at Costco, we saw her the other day when Olivia was having a less than great day and her advice was, “Just love her”. So today as I was trying to get a few things done like eat and get dressed and Olivia just crawled after me fussing and saying mamamama. I stopped and thought everything else can wait, even food. I am going to just sit on the floor with her on my lap and play and just love her. So we read books and played with blocks and she just kept leaning back in to me for a hug and kept giving me snotty slobbery kisses on my cheek. And I just thought this is what I always wanted and I finally have it. She has taught me through all of this to be more patient and more loving and reminded me once again that I can do hard things. And even though it has been SO hard around here lately we are making it through one day at a time.  And this little girl just needs her mom today and I am going to give her that. Because one day, that I know will come far too soon, she isn’t going to need me anymore, so for today I am all hers.


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