Healthy Tips…Are You Ready?

I periodically want to throw some healthy tips your way. The little, random, sometimes silly things that I do that have helped me along the way. You can laugh at me, take it with a grain of salt, but maybe try some of these tips out. They work for me and I know they could work for you too! But don’t get too excited, I am not going to put them all in one post…I have to give you some reason to come back here! But little by little I will let you in on even more of my secrets.

So here is my first tip for you. Brush. Your. Teeth.


Go ahead, laugh, I know it is silly and I know that you already know you should be brushing your teeth. But brushing my teeth was one of the big things that helped me to lose weight. I hate having to brush my teeth more than I need to. I am anal and meticulous and am scared of the dentist so I always do a thorough job brushing. But I learned that if I brushed my teeth right after I ate dinner (and a treat) then I quit eating for the night. If a roomie made cookies, I didn’t eat them. If a friend called and wanted to go get ice cream, I didn’t go. If someone had a big huge bowl of buttery popcorn or a big bag of chips, didn’t touch it. Now it wasn’t easy, I really really really had to talk myself out of it a lot of times, but it got easier. Once I was satisfied from dinner and a little treat I headed straight to the bathroom to brush my teeth. It honestly works. Before I would just keep eating and snacking because I was bored or watching something or was with people, but that all stopped. Even now, Rob and I will be watching something and I will be done and make him pause whatever we are watching so that I can brush my teeth. Silly yes, but it works. I am living proof.

Some times it’s the small things people. Just remember that. Not everything has to be huge and life shattering. Some times it is the little, tiny, simple things that make the biggest difference.

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