Size Does Matter


Here is what I think are two of my best tools! I claim them as my tools now but the credit has to be given completely to my amazing mom. About 5 years ago because of some things that happened in our family some drastic changes had to be made with the way we eat. My mom started implementing two different things and I think those two things made all of the difference. It’s a practice she and my dad still do and Rob and I do it too.

The first is that size really does matter when you are choosing which plate to eat dinner on. The plates in the picture are some of the plates that we have. From left to right they are 10 1/2 inches; 9 inches and 8 inches. 99% of the time we eat on the two smaller plates. We save the large plates for dinners when we have things like corn on the cob that are tricky to fit with the rest of the food on your plate! If you use a smaller plate when you are dishing up your food you can’t load it up with as much so you don’t run the risk of over eating. If you are still hungry and want seconds of something you are ok to get seconds sometimes because you didn’t eat as much in round one! The thing we all noticed when we started eating on smaller plates was that most of the time you are content after eating one serving. We ate more food before because it was there but we are satisfied with the smaller portions. I promise you won’t starve but you will start to notice you are happier with less.

The second tool is we don’t dish up all of the food and put it on the table when we sit down for dinner. We all dish up our plates in the kitchen and then we go and sit down to eat. Because the food isn’t sitting in front of you on the table you are less likely to get seconds…or thirds. You won’t mindlessly keep eating while everyone is sitting and chatting. And added bonus, you don’t have all those additional serving bowls to wash afterwards. Also, as weird as it sounds, many people are less likely to get up and go get seconds when they have to leave the table to do so. So take advantage of your laziness and leave the food in the kitchen, it will also help you to not over eat!

And I lied, I thought of one more tool that has helped a lot in the not over eating department. So yay for you, added bonus! This one is for free. 🙂 After I make dinner and before we sit down to eat I often put the majority of our meal in the fridge. I pull out all the single serving sized Tupperware we have and box it all up and stick it in the fridge. I leave enough out for dinner but then there isn’t all the extra food sitting on the stove to be eaten. It is so nice for me to not have the extra food sitting out because if something tasted good I have a really hard time not sneaking more bites of it as we are cleaning up. And I love when I am packing Rob’s lunch/dinner and I can just pull a container out of the fridge that is all ready to go! Save’s me a lot of time when I have a baby that needs something.

These tips have really made a difference in the lives of all of my family. I love things like this that are easy to do, they don’t take any planning and yet they all make a big difference. It is so easy for us to over eat, if  that is something you struggle with try one or two or all three of these tools and I know they will make a big difference for you!

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