Asian Slaw

This was a dish that I started eating when I was pregnant and I ate it all the time. I have no idea where I got the inspiration for it but I would eat it every day for lunch at work for a week or more and not get tired of it! I thought it was delicious and loved the different flavors going on in it. After I wasn’t pregnant I wondered if it would still taste good to me because there are definitely some things that haven’t. But nope, I still think it is delicious! I love it because it is healthy and fast. You could easily add chicken to it if you wanted to make it a little more filling. Or it could be a side dish along with the rest of your meal. Me, I eat it like this and it fills me up. It’s a big bowl of vegetables and fruit and you get protein from the edamame that will help fill you up.


So these are the ingredients I use. A bag of coleslaw which is super handy to have on hand and super cheap. I pay a $1 for it at Winco. An avocado and a mango, some edamame and asian sesame dressing. I love the microwavable bags of edamame from Costco, pop in microwave for 2-3 minutes and you have a great addition to a salad or a great snack. And I am not normally a fan of “lite” dressings but Ken’s Steak House Lite dressings are my fave. They go on sale often at Smith’s and have so many great ones. Their Asian Sesame is perfect for this salad.


This salad is so simple there really isn’t a recipe to it. Put a bunch of coleslaw in your bowl, dice up some avocado and mango and toss in some edamame and drizzle on some dressing and stir it all up. Don’t forget the topping though, it is good without it but it makes it so much better! I think it must be the crunch. For the topping take a package of Ramen noodles and break them up into little pieces. Place the uncooked noodles and some sliced almonds on a cookie sheet and place them under the broiler to toast. When the tops start to brown stir them around and let brown again. Make sure to watch closely so it doesn’t burn! They don’t taste good at all if they do…


This meal right here is proof that eating healthy can taste really really good! Give it a try right now while avocados and mangoes are in season so you can find them everywhere and they are great prices!

2 thoughts on “Asian Slaw

    • Yes! I learned a couple of years ago the best way to cut a mango! With the skin on slice it straight down right next to the pit, on both sides. So you have two halves of mango and the pit. Then get a glass cup, place the bottom of the mango on the edge of the cup right where the skin and fruit meet. Slide it all the way down along the inside of the skin and your mango drops into the cup in one piece. Repeat with the other side and have to halves of mango with no skin on that are easy to slice up! Does that make sense at all?!?!


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