Sometimes Life Gets The Best Of You…

It’s been quite the week, lots and lots and lots of good things, but I still have been struggling. First off this little cutie turned one! Those eyes…


I can’t believe it, it has been the best yet the hardest year of my life. Olivia made me a mom, something I didn’t think would ever happen, and she has taught me so much about love and patience and how to believe in myself a little more than I do. Her daddy is pretty great too, he has been my biggest cheerleader. When I feel like a failure yet again and am in tears yet again, he is there to reassure me. I sure love the both of them.


We had lots of family in town for her birthday and it was great. First sucker, first balloon, picnics, swinging, pizza, a bbq and a party for Olivia. It was so great to have so many people we love want to celebrate this little girl with us. And I was loving having family around because let’s be honest, sometimes (okay, maybe most of the time) it gets lonely just being home all day with a baby. I wouldn’t trade it for everything but it is hard.

Lots of family around and lots of celebrating meant me eating lots of food and not all of it was great. Sure I ate ten tons of fruit but not sure that counteracted the ten tons of chips. I LOVE chips. And with family around also meant I didn’t get my workouts in. Couple all of that with a baby that is teething, had her first year shots and those have been really rough for her, a fever and a night of being woken up every 30 minutes. Let’s just say things are a little rough around here.

And I have been trying not to stress but am stressing over her lack of desire to eat. She will drink bottles and loves her water bottle but she won’t eat food. She was such a good eater, would eat just about anything we gave her but back in February she had an ear infection and was teething, a cold and a double ear infection and more teething. It was a hard hard month. But since then she isn’t a great eater. And the past week it’s worse. I don’t know if it’s the molars I think are working their way in but most days she won’t eat a thing other than drinking her bottle. Some days I do good and not stress, other days not so good. Any suggestions you have for me on that? We offer her EVERYTHING we can think of and if we do happen to get it in her mouth it is usually spit out…except for chips, goldfish, and Trader Joe’s puffed corn…super nutritious I know…

So while I normally would post today I just don’t have it in me to do much and that is where you come in. I need some feedback. What do you want to hear about? Those of you out there who read this thing, whether you know me or not, what do you want to know…about me, my life, my journey, what I eat, what workouts I do…let me know! I want to be writing about what you want to hear about but in order to do that I need to know what that is! Do you have a favorite recipe or treat that just isn’t the healthiest? Send it my way and let me see if I can revamp it to be just as tasty and a little bit healthier. DISCLAIMER: I said healthier, not 100% healthy…I may be good at making things a little better but I am not a miracle worker! 🙂

Let me know what kind of healthy tips you would like, what areas of your life or your workouts or eating that you could use a little help in. Remember we are all in this together. But really, give me some feedback. You can ask things in the comments here or on Facebook or at any time feel free to email me at I love emails. So if you are wanting to keep it more personal and anonymous from everyone else, then always feel free to email me.

And don’t forget to follow my blog, I would love to have more followers! Share with anyone you would like! I feel weird advertising myself but if maybe something I have been through helps someone out there then writing all of this was completely worth it!

Love you all, hope you have a great weekend. I am off to have a good talking to myself, get some meal planning done so I eat better, figure out a way to get out of this funk where I just feel ugly and fat. Just being honest here, I struggle too. And I feel slightly motivated to cook so maybe I will have another tasty meal for you soon…fingers crossed!!

4 thoughts on “Sometimes Life Gets The Best Of You…

  1. Megan says:

    When I had just 1 or 2 little kids, playgroups were my salvation. Whether the kids were big enough to play or not. It got me out of the house, made me brush my hair, talk to people my own age, breath fresh air, etc. Unfortunately our ward’s group fell by the wayside. It definitely needs someone who’s willing to take the reins and plan it out (Not I!) But it might be right up your alley. Summer at the parks, winter in the church building or at someone’s house, at least once a week. Is that something you’d be interested in?


    • I would love to be part of play groups. An excuse to get out of the house and have other adults to talk to would be awesome. The problem I run into is those usually happen in the mornings and where Rob works at Costco most of his shifts don’t start until 11:30 or later and I hate taking Olivia away from her dad when he is home. If other people were interested in doing it in the afternoons most of the time that might be something I would be interested in setting up or at least helping to set up!


  2. Getting babies and children to eat is one of my most frustrating parts of mom life. Seriously. I’m so St she’s being so picky! I think the spring it out thing is normal – both my kids did/do that. And I think it helps to remember that babies are still learning how to eat and what food tastes like. Like, if you think about going to a foreign country and getting used to a new set of textures and seasonings and tastes – that’s what babies have to do with food in general. I’m sure it’ll get better but I know it’s hard not to stress!

    Let’s see, I have questions… How long did it take you to see results, make the healthy habits stick, etc.? I’m assuming this was a long-term process but how long? Also what suggestions do you have for healthy packed lunches? We are forever resorting to junk food for Tim’s lunches. And do you have any tips for helping your kitchen clean? I know I’m easy more likely to make healthy meals if my dishes are done but I can never seem to keep up with it. And….any tips for coming with coconut flour or almond flour? It’s very intimidating to me. 🙂

    Also we went to 7 Peaks today and I’m really excited to go with you all summer!


    • Thanks, I hadn’t really thought of it like that but it’s true, everything is completely foreign to her! And I love the questions, those will help me tons and I will address all of them in the future. Any in particular you want me to do first? And yes, let’s do 7 Peaks soon, Olivia has yet to go swimming in her one year of life and that is just sad!


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