Go Shopping!

This one will be pretty short because this momma is EXHAUSTED. Seriously, I am sooooo tired and haven’t slept in just about a week. No joke. 12 month immunizations and teething meant fevers and waking up crying every thirty minutes all. night. long. After a few nights of that poor baby girl got croup but because her cousin had it last weekend we knew what to watch for. We had her in the doctor’s office and a steroid shot within about an hour of symptoms showing up. Wheezing and a barking cough and crying all day long and back in the doctor’s office today for a second steroid shot. He said she should be on the mend from here and we are sure praying she is. It is so sad and so scary to see her struggling to breath and be so completely miserable.

So I am all ready for bed. I would have probably crashed about 8 p.m. but I had 5 loads of laundry that really really needed to be folded and a kitchen that looks like a bomb blew up. And I am a firm believer in putting my house in somewhat of order before bed so I don’t have to wake up to a mess. Hate that. So I wanted to share something with you and then I am hitting the hay!

One of the frustrating/exciting thing as you are getting healthier and are losing weight is that your clothes get baggy. There is nothing more exciting than those jeans that were practically impossible to button up are now fitting just right and you can button them up with ease! And before you know it they start to get baggy. And then you need a belt to keep them from falling off of you. And then your loving sister starts to call you “saggy bum”. For reals, she called me that…and still does sometimes!

I know how that feels, you love that you are seeing a difference and that your clothes are so baggy but it really would be nice to have something that fit. But you don’t want to spend money until you get down to where you want to be. So you just go about your day feeling frumpy in your saggy clothes. Ugly and frumpy, that was how I felt every day.

When I was dealing with this my mom gave me the best advice and said “GO SHOPPING!!!”. Treat yourself. You have worked hard and you have earned this. Why not reward your hard work with clothing rather than with ice cream? (I reward myself with ice cream way too often. What? Is that only me…?) Anyway, she said you want to feel good about yourself so get something that fits. And she was so right. It was fun to go to the store and try on smaller sizes and have them fit. Have something in my closet that I actually looked forward to wearing. You don’t have to go crazy and break the bank or buy an entire new wardrobe but buy a handful of things that fit. It will make you feel good about yourself and it is a good reminder of all your hard work. That right there is great motivation!

So treat yourself to some new clothes. You have earned it.

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