Then And Now…Part 2

Getting married 5 days before I turned 33 meant we didn’t want to wait a long time to have kids. Olivia joined us after we had been married just over 14 months. My BIGGEST concern and fear about having a baby was that all of my hard work would be undone. I cried to Rob many a times about my paranoia that I would get pregnant and gain tons of weight and not be able to lose it. It was SO hard to lose weight the first time that I was so scared of having to do it again. But having a family was what I wanted more than anything so I was willing to take that risk…

The summer of 2007 when I had moved home after graduating from UVSC was when I got addicted to Spin class. I will talk more another time on why that is such a great workout but it was my drug of choice. I moved to Utah at the end of the summer and joined the Rec Center and was lucky that they had classes there. I would go in the evening after work and enjoyed the classes and was pretty good at going 3-4 times a week. But it was really easy to not go. I would be too tired, I would have stayed longer at work, there would be an activity with the singles ward or my friends would be doing something. Too many reasons to not go. One day a lightning bolt hit me (not sure why I hadn’t thought of this before) and I remembered that the gym had early morning classes for Spin. I have a really hard time sleeping and usually wake up super early in the morning so I figured it was something good to do with my time. I would get up at 4:30 in the morning (yes I know, I am crazy!) three days a week and 5 a.m. two days a week. These classes were much more intense than the evening ones. I had some incredible teachers and loved the workouts I was getting. I felt SO good after working out in the morning. There was another awesome perk from these morning workouts. When I had gone in the evenings the other people there were always changing, there would be a handful that I would see for awhile but then they would stop coming. But it takes a certain level of craziness to get up so early in the morning to come and work out and the majority of the class was regulars. I got to know so many amazing people and have made a lot of great friends from those classes. People that wanted to know how life was and checked up on me when I was sick. It was awesome. These people came to my wedding reception and baby shower, we all kind of became family.


I had been consistently going to Spin class for 7 years when I got pregnant. I had no idea how sick I would or wouldn’t get. How exhausted I would be. If Spin was something I was allowed to do. I knew that mentally I needed an intense workout. My body just craves that. I don’t need that every day but at least a couple times a week I really need a good hard workout. Luckily when I asked my doctor about sticking with Spin she was very enthusiastic about it! She said to keep working out just as much as I had been but to make sure I listened to my body and as my stomach got bigger to make sure I wasn’t taking it a little easier. But Spin was fine as long as I felt ok doing it. She told me that continuing working out through my pregnancy that my pregnancy would be easier and delivery and recovery would be easier.

The first one is at 5 months and the last the week Olivia was born.

You guys I really am crazy…I still went to Spin. Every. Single. Day. 5 times a week and only didn’t go maybe a couple of times. I even went on the day I went into labor with Olivia. Now I know I don’t have any other pregnancies to compare this one to and know that every pregnancy is different for every woman but for me I KNOW that this made all the difference. I only gained 22 pounds during my pregnancy and lost those quickly afterwards. Although losing that weight quickly may have had a lot to do with me being stressed with a baby in the NICU. I know working out like this isn’t going to happen for everyone but I am a firm believer in the fact that if you stay active while pregnant it will make things easier in the long run.


While I was pregnant I had every intention of going back to Spin. Like I said, I need a good hard workout and figured if I could at least get that two times a week I would be ok. Mentally and physically. But then Olivia came and no one was sleeping and everyone was in zombie mode. We went on lots of walks. Lots and lots of walks in the sweltering heat because I just needed to be active. When Olivia was 2 months old she randomly slept through the night and I randomly woke up at 5 in the morning and felt rested so I thought why not go to Spin class? Guess how many times I have gone back since then? My baby is going on 13 months and I have not gone back a single time! Not once! It kind of breaks my heart to say that because I loved it so much but for me in my life right now it just isn’t what is right. We even let our gym membership expire because we hadn’t used it in months and months.


So I used to be a big advocate of the gym. There are so many classes and exercise machines and weights available that it just makes it easy. But guess what, I am now more so than ever a huge advocate of workouts you can do at home. I get that you don’t have the time or the money or don’t live near a gym. I totally understand not wanting to wake up before the sun is up. I SO get that. It used to be easy but now if Olivia is asleep I just want to sleep. It’s been a hard transition for me. I got over the anxiety of gaining back all I had lost while pregnant but now have to deal with the anxiety of gaining it back because I am not active enough. But over the past year I have found ways to deal with that. We go on lots and lots of walks. I have found some awesome DVDs and workouts online that I love. (I will be sharing those in the future.) But I have changed my mentality and made it work right now. It’s hard and I still struggling mentally on days where I haven’t worked out. I worry that everything I am eating is just going to stick to me. But it’s a process and I am working on being ok with all of that.

And yes, I am paranoid about next time I am pregnant because I don’t do Spin anymore and have another child. But I know whatever it is I am able to do will make a big difference and hopefully I can be just as healthy with that pregnancy as I was with my first.

It’s been quite the journey this past year. I went from being really strong and having incredible endurance to now. I may look the same size and can still wear my pre-pregnancy clothes but under there things are a lot more squishy. I never had visible ab muscles but I could feel them under there and now I am not sure where they are hiding. My legs that used to be so strong are still strong but a little less and a little more flabby. My arms are probably the only thing that hasn’t suffered because they have had to lug around a car seat with a baby in and now a 22 pound baby! It’s hard. Life throws things at you and it’s hard to make changes and accommodations even when the thing being thrown at you is a beautiful baby girl. But you can make it work. It takes time and it will happen little by little but keep it up. Heaven knows if I can slowly figure things out and make them work then anyone else can. The journey is all part of it and as we know as soon as you figure it out it changes! Roll with it, you’ve got this!

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