Jump Rope


Remember back in elementary school when you would jump rope at recess? In 3rd grade we would jump rope all the time. I don’t remember doing much else. Jump rope came before my obsession with tether ball! We would bring out the long jump ropes and take turns and eventually we got brave and pulled out two long ropes and did double dutch. I could totally do it! I was really good at it and could even stand off to the side while both ropes were going and time it perfectly to jump in and keep jumping without messing up the ropes! Don’t be jealous of my mad 3rd grade jump rope skills! 🙂

After 3rd grade I don’t remember ever touching a jump rope. Maybe we still had to use them at times in P.E. but I don’t remember. But come summer training for varsity volleyball before my junior year of high school our coach gave us a workout that we needed to do at home every single night. And the first thing on the list (and the only thing I remember from that list) was jump rope. I thought seriously? We have to jump rope? And there was a big chart for us to mark and we had to do 10 sets of 100 every night. I felt like it might as well have been a billion jumps!

So I did it religiously, every single night. And you know come volleyball season in the fall I felt like it really made a difference. The muscles in my legs had been working on jumping all summer and it made a difference for me.

About 10 years ago I decided I needed a little something different to add into my workouts so I went out and bought a cheap jump rope and starting using it at nights again. A couple of my roomies even joined in with me some times. I didn’t do it every day but threw it in a couple of times a week and noticed when I first started I would do one set of ten and then have to catch my breath. Gradually I built up and could do two sets at a time and then three and four. I think I quit before I ever was able to do more than that. You know how it is, life happens and some things fall by the wayside.

Well this week I decided I needed to buy another jump rope and start doing that again. I need something a little different to add in and that seemed like the perfect thing. First of all jump rope is a great workout because it is so cheap. Sure you can spend a lot of money and get fancy jump ropes with weighted handles and all sorts of other things but you don’t need all of that. This is what I bought…


It was $2.57 at Walmart. That had a variety of them but I like the simple cheap plastic speed jump rope. Not sure why but that is what works well for me. I only made it out once this week to use, I have to do it early in the morning before it is a billion degrees outside and my daughter has decided waking up between 6 and 6:30 is cool so that made it a little tricky. Excuses, excuses, I know, but I did it once and that is progress so that is all that matters!

Science Daily says that 10 minutes of jumping rope is about equivalent to running and 8 minute mile. I would much rather jump than run! And it’s a calorie cooker, even moderately jumping for 10 minutes burns a good amount of calories.

The medium impact helps build bone density. Both legs are taking the impact instead of one leg when you are running so it isn’t as hard on your joints. Dr. Daniel W. Barry, a researcher who has studied the bones of the elderly and of athletes, says the latest studies show simply jumping is one of the very best for improving bone density.

It will help you get lighter on your feet.

It is good for your brain because it is making you do something physical and mental.

It is still one of the most affordable forms of exercise. You can’t beat $2.57!

It’s portable. You can take it absolutely anywhere with you. So if you are going on vacation and won’t have a t.v. or computer to do a workout just take your jump rope, you can use it anywhere!

The entire family can use it.

It is cardiovascular and tones muscles at the same time.

“It’s certainly good for the heart,” says Peter Schulman, MD, associate professor, Cardiology/Pulmonary Medicine, University of Connecticut Health Center in Farmington. “It strengthens the upper and lower body and burns a lot of calories in a short time, but other considerations will determine if it’s appropriate for an individual.”

So if you are looking for something new and a little different then dust of that jump rope! Your kids can even join you and the whole family can work out together. You really will love it and it doesn’t require a ton of time to feel like you actually did something to benefit your body. Join me this week and try it out…my goal is to make it out at least twice! Just keeping it real folks, just keeping it real…

Here are a couple workouts you could try if you get bored of just jumping:




Some information from: buyjumpropes.net and Webmd.com




4 thoughts on “Jump Rope

  1. Melinda says:

    I like the challenge and I’ll take it! Ive got to be accountable though, so by next Saturday night I’ll let you know if I did it 🙂 Thanks for the great post!


  2. Megan says:

    I was JUST thinking about getting a rope! I’m reading an autobiography of this man who lived in Australia in the early 1900s. And he loved boxing and wrote about how he trained with a punching bag and a jump rope. I thought, How easy! (And a little fun! )


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