One Of My Biggest Fears

One of my biggest fears is that my little girl will grow up with body issues like I did. I don’t know what caused me to have body issues or when it all began but I have had them for as long as I can remember.

Our world is so obsessed with being thin and having the perfect body and this has caused so many eating disorders, so much depression and just plain unhappiness. We see it everywhere we go. Magazines next to the registers at the store showing us these “perfect” bodies we have to have. Facebook, t.v., Instagram…pretty much everywhere we look. I don’t want Olivia to have to deal with any of that. I don’t know what this world will be like as she grows up but I want to buoy her up as much as I can so she can withstand whatever is thrown at her.


Look at that adorable face. It breaks my heart to think of her struggling with body image. Of feeling like she is too fat or not good enough because of the way she looks. I don’t EVER want her to have to feel like I did. I want her to always have that joy and happiness and be able to see the good in the world. She is stubborn and fierce and strong willed and I hope she keeps those qualities so that the world won’t beat her down. So that she can be a good example and a leader and a fighter for change to make the world better.

I don’t want her to care what the number on the scale says or what size her clothes are. I want her to want to be healthy and strong in whatever form or shape that may be. I want her to know that her body is powerful and can do hard things if she pushes it. I want her to enjoy the outdoors and know the exhilaration of sweat and sore muscles and burning lungs that get you to the top of the mountain to see the amazing views of the world around her. I want her to feel the joy of running, jumping, riding a bike and appreciating her body because it enables her to do those things.

I am working SO So so hard on my body images issues. I am  trying to love my body in spite of it’s many imperfections. I am trying to appreciate more the things that it can do. That it may not be what it used to but that it is strong and it can to a lot. I don’t ever want her to hear me complain about the extra pounds I have put on or my extra skin or that I just feel fat and ugly. NEVER. I want her to learn by my example to love the strength and power of her body and never let any one tell her she isn’t good enough. Nice try social media, magazines, and internet. My girl is going to be confident and know she is strong and by golly I am going to do everything in my power to make sure you never make her feel like she isn’t worth anything. You just might as well give up right now. She is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

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