DIET Is A Four Letter Word

Diets. What do you think of them? Are you on one now? I am sure you have at least tried out one at some point in your life. Have any of them worked for you? What kinds of crazy things have diets made you eat or do?


If you are a believer in diets please don’t be offended by this post. But I HATE the word diet. Hate every single thing about it. I hate how crazy they make people. Hate how unhealthy they are. Hate the money they make you spend. People there is a better way!

You don’t have to buy pre-packaged “food” that tastes awful. You don’t have to live on liquids only (I need something to chew!). You don’t have to eat meals that wouldn’t even fill up my 14 month old. You don’t have to miss out on every single thing that you love in this world!

I didn’t try a ton of diets along the way. I did Body For Life and a short stint with Atkins. I tried the green smoothie varieties for 2 of my meals. Green smoothies and Atkins did not last long. Body For Life did last a lot longer and I have incorporated some of it’s ideals into my life now. The reason that that one lasted longer than the others is because of one very different aspect. It didn’t require me to do wild and crazy things or suck my meals through a straw. It was something that gave me tips and was maintainable because it was a lifestyle that was easy to maintain.

So that right there people is the reason that diets don’t work. You can’t maintain them. They aren’t realistic. They may work for you for a little bit but then it just becomes too much of an effort. They might completely cut out every single thing that you think tastes good and eventually those cravings are going to become to much and you are going to cave and binge!

So why not just do something that doesn’t leave you crazy and eating every not so healthy thing in sight?!? That’s what I do, I have found a lifestyle that works for me. I try not to eat too much. I try to eat fruit and veggies at lunch and dinner. I try not to eat too much sugar but I allow myself to have a little every day if I want it. I don’t tell myself that there are things that I can’t eat. I just limit how often I eat those yummy, greasy, cheesy, fat loaded foods and try not to eat too much of them when I do. But sometimes I do eat too much of them and then I just start over the next day by eating healthy again. Yes I still beat myself up over it but not as often as I used to. I have just found that I am happier and less crazy when I just eat what sounds good and don’t stress over whether or not it fits into a diet or not. I try to find balance in my day and as I have done this I have found that my body craves things that are good for it and I don’t need as much of the less healthy stuff. Believe me I still need it, just not as much! 🙂


I know it may seem hard at first to not have a plan that so completely tells you exactly what to do but you can do it. Just eat more of the rainbow and try out new fruits and veggies. Get good proteins through meat and beans and quinoa and nuts. Eat lots of salads that are full of good for you things. Keep good foods on hand, put your fruit in a bowl on the counter where you can see it. Buy baby carrots so you can easily grab them by the handful. Try out some new recipes that use grains or squash that you haven’t tried before. It really isn’t hard!


So trust me on this one and try it out. You will be happier and feel better and not feel like being healthier requires so much time and effort. You can do this, I believe in you. And if you don’t think you can I am here to cheer you on! I am proof it can be done, and if I can do it then you certainly can too.

2 thoughts on “DIET Is A Four Letter Word

  1. Kristie says:

    It is amazing how many times I have said those exact things to people but they just do the silly diets( which is a four letter naughty word to women). Cause just like you said it puts stress in your life which you just don’t need. The other word I hate is exercise. So I use activity. Find one you love and do it. Makes life more fun and you are still getting a workout. That word isn”t much better but it helps raise the heart and burn calories. Life goes so fast so get out there and enjoy it!!


    • I LOVE that! Find an activity you love rather than “exercise”. It’s true, that word has such bad connotations and activities are much more fun! And yes, people just enjoy life!


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