Forgive Me

Please forgive me friends for being MIA. It has been quite the month. Olivia has taken 6+ weeks for all 4 molars to come in at once. I think I can finally see the last half of the 4th molar has broken through! Hallelujah! And during all of that I think she has been dealing with allergies, had a cold and a nasty fever, Roseola, 15 month shots and had her entire world turned upside down because we moved!


We hoped that someday we would be able to buy a home and have a yard for Olivia to play in and somehow it happened much sooner than we planned but we are SO happy it did! It was so hard to pack and work out while trying to get our apartment packed up. Olivia knew things were changing as the boxes kept piling up and she was a little uneasy with the change. So I spent the majority of my days playing with her, and then instead of working out when she went to bed I would pack like crazy! In the middle of all of this we also spent 5 days in Idaho Falls with most of my family (Jenny and Daniel we missed you!) and it was heaven. But it meant we got back, did our final walk through the next day, signed the next and the day after that had keys. It just so worked out that we got keys on Rob’s birthday, how is that for an awesome gift?!? Then we moved that weekend and have been in our house now for 5 days and the piles of boxes are slowly getting unpacked, Olivia is getting more settled and I think we are going to love it here! Monday we went back and spent 5.5 hours cleaning out our old apartment and it was weird, I wasn’t really sad. It just didn’t feel like home anymore but I am happy to report that our new house feels like home.

So please forgive me as I try to unpack and take care of my tiny human. My workouts are consisting of long walks most days and our meals are definitely not blog worthy but life is crazy right now and I am just doing the best I can. Really that is all any of us can do. Life is always crazy I have decided and it is always changing and we just have to learn to roll with the punches and do the best we can. If you miss a couple workouts that is ok. If you don’t have the time to cook the most amazing healthy meal, that is ok. Just do the best you can and forgive yourself and move on. That is what I am working on over here. No more guilt, no more feeling like I failed yet again. Just telling myself I am doing the best I can right now and then getting up tomorrow and trying to be even better!

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