Food Storage

One of my greatest weapons in helping me to eat healthy and feed my family healthy food is to have food storage. Pretty simple huh? I grew up in a home where food storage was important and that is something I have carried with me.

I always had food storage in college even if it was a smaller version of a food storage. A good number of my roommates would run out of food in the middle of the week and live off fast food until they got around to going to the store again and that was always SO weird to me! I always had food I could whip up, even if it was just a PB&J. I just couldn’t (and still can’t) fathom running out of food. I rarely ate out because I always had stuff at home and it just didn’t make sense to me to spend money to eat out when I had plenty right in my house.

Once I was married and didn’t have to share the space with roommates it became even more important to me to have a food storage. In our apartment, the spare bedroom became the “storage room”. We put up shelves and stored our food storage there. It has kept us many many nights from going out to eat. And it also makes me feel good knowing that if something were to happen that we would be ok, we wouldn’t go hungry.

In our new house I have shelves in the garage and a pantry! I am so excited to finally have a pantry and have the food closer to where I cook! I had a lot of fun last night while Rob worked late unpacking all our canned food and organizing things. I know…I am a nerd…


So these are my reasons why you should have food storage and some reasons on how to build it up easily:

Saves you money. You are less likely to go out to eat when you have a good supply of things at home that you can throw together.

Watch for case lot sales. Most stores here in Utah have them at least twice a year. Whenever I get those adds in the mail I look at what we have, what we are running low on and make a shopping list. I always have a case of diced tomatoes, corn, black beans, assorted beans, refried beans, mandarin oranges, green chiles and green beans. I also will stock up on pasta, olives, Progresso soups, chili, canned peaches…whatever else is a good deal but I don’t want an entire case of. Buying a case may seem like a lot at first but you save a lot buying it that way!

You will eat out less. Most people end up eating out because there is no food at their house. If you have things that enable you to throw meals together quickly you are less likely to go grab fast food. Saves you SO much money in the long run but just staying home for dinner!

You eat less. Portions in restaurants are WAY bigger than you should be or need to be eating. Yes I know sometimes it’s fun to indulge a little, I do it too, but if you are always eating out the odds are that you are always eating way too much food.

You are trying to be healthy and working out and those meals that you eat at home are going to be much healthier than anything you would grab in the drive through! Don’t undo all of your hard work by eating greasy food every night. Sometimes it’s ok, just not all the time.

When you have unexpected guests you have the resources to throw together meals at any given time. This always seems to happen to me on a Sunday so I am extra grateful to have the ability to make something!

Start small, you don’t have to go and drop a ton of money on a truckload of food but start stocking up. We set aside a little money each month for our food storage so that when the case lot sales come around we are able to stock up because we already have the money set aside for it. You won’t be sad if you start, I promise!

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