Pretty Happy

I am not usually the person that goes to the section in the library where there are diet books or how to eat healthy books or the “I am a celebrity and can afford personal trainers and people to cook every meal so I am super healthy and have all the secrets” books. I hate them. Hate. Them. I feel like they are so far out there, aren’t realistic at all and no normal human being could do them AND keep it up for the rest of the week let alone the rest of their life. Don’t hate me if you love reading that stuff but I just don’t like it. I think they just over complicate things and things really don’t have to be complicated.

I was at the library and looking at cookbooks and wandered down the next aisle and a book title grabbed me. Pretty Happy and then I saw it was Kate Hudson’s book  and my first thought was oh geez. But for some reason I picked it up. The tagline is “healthy ways to love your body”. And standing there in the Orem library that spoke to me. Because right now, honestly, I am struggling. My body is way softer than it used to be and that bothers me. I just feel frumpy and unkempt and like I don’t have it together at all. And I really want to get to where I love my body so I picked it up and looked in it. One of the first pages says:

Being body smart means connecting to and honoring your body–where you are now and where you want to be in the future. It means being truly honest with yourself and acknowledging both your strengths and those parts of yourself that can get you into trouble. When you start from this place of acceptance, you set yourself up for true success.

So don’t take this as an endorsement because I am not far into the book…moving through a kind in my reading time…but I am going to read it. Or least most of it. Or skim parts, we will see what happens. Don’t forget I do have an almost 16 month old and reading time doesn’t happen often unless it’s kids books! If that quote intrigues any of you then get a copy of the book and read along with me, I would love to have people to discuss it with! I will share some thoughts or insights I get on here and am hoping this will help me come with a game plan to love my body! Olivia is down for the night…better start reading…

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