Sorry, not sorry, for all the music lately. But I am a music person. Music just speaks to my soul.

I can’t sit still when I hear music. My mom said as a little kid we would be in the grocery store and I would be dancing up and down all the aisles. I took dance for a lot of years and between that and playing the piano, I just have music in my soul. Olivia is the same way. This little girl is a mover and a shaker and can’t sit still when music is on. She has different dances for different styles of music and it is adorable.

But back to me. I love music because it fits any mood. There is so much good music out there and sometimes it just speaks to me. It sometimes is the perfect way to explain how I may be feeling. Sometimes it puts me in my place and tells me to snap out of it! Other times it motivates me. It gets that fire burning in me to want to make a change. And tonight this song just made me feel better about life. I hope it does for you too…because like they said, “This Is Exactly What You Need to Hear Today”.

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