Time For A Check-in

So it is 11 days into our challenge, how is everyone doing? Did you curse Jillian’s name a few times and decide to call it quits. Or are you like me and still cursing her name but sticking with it? Haha, I seriously have a love hate relationship with that woman!

So how are you feeling about things? I have had days where I thought, oh wow, I am in better shape than I thought! And other days where I think I am in such bad shape that I might die before the 20 minutes is up…those days are definitely the ones where I am up at 5 with a 17 month old that thinks it’s time to be up. Ugh. On a side note…how do you get a toddler to not get up before 6:30 in the morning?!?!


I am enjoying this though, I like that I just have to make myself work out for 20 minutes. Some days…most days…I don’t want to do a thing but it is a little easier talking myself into it for just 20 minutes. And also knowing that some of my friends out there and doing this with me. So let me know how things are going?!?

Don’t pay attention to me in the video…and mute me…but Olivia is too cute so I had to share this super cute clip!

One thing that has made me happy is that Olivia loves it. She usually is upstairs playing with her dad so I can get my workout in but lately she has wanted to be down with me. The other day anytime I was on the floor either on my back or stomach she would come and sit on me and laugh hysterically. For some reason she thought it was funny! And when I was doing crunches she sat on my stomach and I thought ok, added resistance…and then she started bouncing up and down excitedly. Haha I had to stop because it hurt and because I was laughing too hard! I so badly want her to love her body and how strong it is and watching her watch me and love it makes me so happy! She also is in the “learning to jump” phase so she loves the parts where we jump rope. She also loves that I set my 3 pound weights out and she was even lifting them with me!


It definitely is harder to get a workout in when you have a cute little girl climbing all over you but that is just life. Life throws things at you to try and make life hard, make you quit what you have set out to do. But don’t give up, just push through it and make the best of it. Some days your workout may not be the best because you have a toddler climbing on you or you didn’t get enough sleep or just don’t have your heart in it. But do it any way. Any effort you put in still has you at least one step ahead of everyone else that just sat on their couch and didn’t do a thing. So keep at it! And for real, let me know how it is going for you!!

One thought on “Time For A Check-in

  1. Kristie Weber says:

    Olivia is too cute. Love it when she is lifting her weight. When Kyle would do that I I used him like I was bench pressing him up and down and he loved it and would laugh. Like lifting weighs a fun way.


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