I Am Proof This Works!


No idea why the image didn’t load, it showed up fine initially but now it’s just showing numbers! It said, “You are not hungry, you are bored. Go drink a glass of water and learn the difference!”

Read that quote there. Print it out, put it somewhere that you can see it often. Maybe on the fridge door? That just might be the perfect place!

So just a quick tip for you because we just had Thanksgiving last week and even if you were being careful you probably ate a little more than you should have. Maybe you were eating that extra pie for breakfast? I love baking and love treats and we didn’t have much pie but my mom and I have been making some sort of treat almost daily…hot homemade chocolate pudding on vanilla ice cream anyone? Try it, holy yum.  My point is that I always feel like Thanksgiving kind of sets you up for the next monthish of over eating. We have Christmas in less than a month and then New Years. But it is ok, don’t freak out. You can enjoy all those things you love just do it in moderation. But remember this tip as you wander back to the fridge or the buffet table or the Rubbermaid full of treats. Remember that dehydration feels the same way as hunger. And often when we are bored we think we are hungry and need to eat. So if you had a decent meal and are suddenly feeling hungry, go drink a big glass of water. At least 8 ounces. And then wait at least 10 minutes (20 would be even better!). And if after that you are still feeling hungry but it isn’t the next meal time then have a healthy snack. Something like an apple and peanut butter. Or a string cheese and slice of red bell pepper with a couple slices of turkey or ham wrapped around it. Don’t go to the candy or the cookies. You don’t need to by mindlessly eating those. But try it. This helped me a ton when I lost my 95 pounds and it still helps me daily. Drink that water, drink lots of it and you will be surprised that often you won’t still feel hungry. I promise it works.

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