My Taco Meat


I shared this picture with you last week and told you my tips for making dinner fast from your freezer. I thought I would share my taco meat recipe. I used to hate making tacos because I feel like ground beef is so expensive and it goes so fast. There never were leftovers and I felt like it was just too much $ for one meal. Silly I know. So I experimented, added a few things, made it healthier and more filling and it is delicious! We love this and use if for tacos, quesadillas, taco salad, nachos, ย anything you can think of!

Taco Meat

1 pound ground beef
1 pound ground turkey
2-3 T taco seasoning
1 can corn (drained)
1-2 cans green chiles (2 cans if you like it a little spicy)
1 can beans (drained)*

Heat a large skillet on medium heat, add beef and turkey and cook until no longer pink. Add taco seasoning, corn, green chiles and beans and stir until combined. Heat through and enjoy!

*You can use any kind of beans. I usually use either black, pinto or red beans but any kind will be good!

This meat is so delicious and so filling! Sometimes I eat it all by itself by the spoonful…

Part 2 of A Little Prep Goes A Long Way

Ok, I told you my meat tips for the freezer now here is my other tip. Make extra. If you are already cooking, why not double or triple the recipe and freeze the extra? It might mean a few extra minutes tonight but will save you many many minutes or hours in the future! And there isn’t much better than being tired and not wanting to cook and opening your freezer and seeing a lot of options.

I freeze extra chili and soups but those aren’t things I make often. Rice and taco meat though are something I make a lot. Even though they both are simple, I got tired of making them. One day I thought, I bet they would freeze just fine so why don’t I make extra and freeze it. It was perfect! I freeze plain rice, brown rice, salsa verde rice, cafe rio rice and taco meat. You can pull out a bag and make a quick stir fry or add it to a soup or make any sort of mexican food you can think of. Makes dinner super fast and will save you money by not eating out! And it’s healthier which is great especially this time of year because then you are fine eating a little bit of all the yummy holiday treats.

Just put the extras (whatever amount your family needs for a meal…I usually do enough for two meals in a bag so I have it to send with Rob to work) into a bag, label it with a permanent marker and throw it in the freezer. I try to write the date too so that I use the oldest stuff first but sometimes I forget. Lay them flat in the freezer if you can and then they will stack nicely.


You can set them in the fridge overnight to defrost if you think of it in advance. Or just defrost it in the microwave. Super fast dinners that taste delicious!

A Little Prep Goes A Long Way (Part 1)

I was asked to share a couple of my tips for getting a good healthy meal on the table without a lot of work. I told you awhile ago about my pantry and always having a good stock of food. It makes it easier to pull something together and keeps us out of the drive thru. Well next to my love of my pantry, I love my freezers. When we first got married we bought a chest freezer from Costco for less than $200. It has been one of our best investments! In our apartment it just sat in a spare bedroom but now in our house it can be in the garage. It is much happier out there.

A chest freezer is great because often when you buy large quantities of things you can get them for much cheaper. We have bought big boxes of chicken or huge pork loins, or big packages or ground beef or ground turkey. Saves money by buying it in bulk and we come home and stock our freezer. So here is my tip…

Buy meat in large quantities and package it up into smaller amounts that are a good size for your family. I either put the meat in sandwich or quart size ziploc bags and then put a bunch of those in a gallon size bag to prevent freezer burn. Or I wrap the meat in plastic and then put a few pieces of plastic wrapped meat into the big gallon bag.

Here is an example: Costco had pork loins for $1.99/lb one day and a few days later $1.69/lb and then on top of that each pork loin was $8 off. I couldn’t pass that off so I bought two…and then went back a few days later and bought two more. I had somewhere between 25-28 pounds of pork, and good pork, for about $18 dollars! On pork loin I put in the crockpot just by itself, not seasoning, no sauce and cooked it. When it was done I shredded it and put about 2 cups into sandwich bags and threw them in the freezer.

I cooked a second one to make into slow cooker pulled pork gyros (recipe coming soon, they were heavenly!). Kept some out for leftovers for the week and froze the rest in sandwich bags.

The plain bags I can pull out and mix with bbq sauce, throw on a pizza, a sandwich, in a quesadilla and have a super fast meal ready. Sometimes I mix the pork with salsa verde and make burritos or a “Cafe Rio” type of salad. The possibilities are endless.

With just a little effort I now have a dozen fast meals ready in the freezer.


The other two pork loins I cut up into 2 big roasts, 3 smaller roasts and a dozen thick porkchops. That is a lot of meals right there!

And to prevent boring you, you will have to stay tuned for part 2…haha, gotta keep you coming back somehow now don’t I? ๐Ÿ™‚

Books Make The Best Gifts

Olivia has a good amount of toys…I pride myself on my bargain shopping especially at D.I. I can’t pass up a practically new toy that is a dollar or less. And I love having one toy box out for her with another one hiding upstairs so I can switch them out every month and it’s new to her toys! (Thanks to my mom for that brilliant idea, she did it with us when we were growing up!) I do have a limit though on how many toys I let her have but books are a totally different story! I want her to have hundreds of books. Books about every subject and books of fun pictures and stories. Books that are just to read and books that are interactive. They say the more books kids have the smarter they will be…and that they should have 500 books! Since becoming an Usborne consultant, well I am definitely on my way to that and I love it. I love having so many great books for Olivia to choose from. And while I don’t put much on this blog about my business I just thought I would put a little tidbit on here in case you are wanting some great books for your kids! It’s too late to order directly from Usborne and have them here for Christmas but I am clearing out my inventory! I have some great ones and if you let me know what you want I will have them in the mail by Wednesday so you will have them by Christmas. You won’t be sorry about this kind of gift and it’s one your kids will love for forever! Just send me a message or text me or email me with questions or let me know what you want!

Need A Little Extra Motivation??

My good friend Alyssa is doing a little challenge to help us all get a little more motivated and help motivate each other. I am not usually a huge fan because they can get so complicated, too many things to track and monitor and I just get too lazy. But I am feeling like I need a little push so I am joining her. It starts today so you can still join in and it’s pretty easy and straight forward to do! And she was nice and said any of you out there that want to join can join us! Here is a little description”

*George Bailey’s Fitness Challenge*

This IS a wonderful life! Today kicks off our George Bailey’s Fitness Challenge and I am so excited ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is a run down of what to expect over the next three weeks… A “Daily Check-In” (whether you walked, ran, cycled–anything active, or had a rest day, this is where you’ll share what you did that day), Tuesdays & Thursdays there will be an optional “Fitness Challenge”, and a survey at the end of each week so that I can track points. It’s all on an honor system, but if you count mileage for points, the miles must be track-able (through a wrist band or pedometer on your phone). You will set your own weekly goals (minutes) at the beginning of the week and try to meet or exceed your goal which must be a minimum of 100 minutes/week. (By the way, 100 minutes a week, if you work out 5 days a week, is only 20 minutes each day). It might sound a little confusing right now, but as we get rolling, it will become clearer. Let me know if there are any questions. Fun and encouragement is…encouraged! Love you guys for doing this with me, thank you!

Meet Personal Weekly Goal – 50 Points
Exceed Weekly Goal by 25 Minutes – 10 Points
Exceed Weekly Goal by 50 Minutes – 20 Points
Exceed Weekly Goal by 75 Minutes – 30 Points
Exceed Weekly Goal by 100 Minutes – 40 Points
Check-In 5+ Days – 10 Points
Mileage (must be tracked) – 10 Points/mile

So if you want to join us then let me know! It’s a secret group so I will get you added. Come on and join us, a little more encouragement and motivation is always a good thing!

A Quick & Easy Breakfast


I had someone ask me for examples of what I eat for meals and snacks to give them some more ideas of things to eat. So here is a quick and easy breakfast that will stick with you longer than that pop tart! If you are a guy you would probably want double this but I am a big fan of lots of small meals most days. It lets me eat more often. Haha, but if you do eat more times during the day you really have to make sure you are eating smaller meals and not your normal big ones or you will be in trouble and I don’t want you to come complaining to me about it!

Bagels often get a bad wrap but you can still eat them. Yes they do often have a lot of calories or fat but just be smart about it. Don’t always choose the one with the pound of cheese melted on top. It’s ok sometimes because yes, cheese is delicious but don’t pick it all the time. Only eat half of the bagel and pair it with some fruit or your oatmeal or cottage cheese or a smoothie. You can pull some of the innards of the bagel out to get rid of some calories. And just don’t eat them for every meal of the day. Not good.

So this breakfast I had a wheat bagel that I toasted. Spread it with a nice layer of my extra crunchy peanut butter (yum) and put some sliced bananas and blueberries on top. I ate what you can see in the picture and was good for a couple of hours until I needed a little snack. It’s yummy and PB and fruit are awesome on so many things! Hmmm, I think I need to go pull more bagels out of the freezer and make this tomorrow morning…