A Quick & Easy Breakfast


I had someone ask me for examples of what I eat for meals and snacks to give them some more ideas of things to eat. So here is a quick and easy breakfast that will stick with you longer than that pop tart! If you are a guy you would probably want double this but I am a big fan of lots of small meals most days. It lets me eat more often. Haha, but if you do eat more times during the day you really have to make sure you are eating smaller meals and not your normal big ones or you will be in trouble and I don’t want you to come complaining to me about it!

Bagels often get a bad wrap but you can still eat them. Yes they do often have a lot of calories or fat but just be smart about it. Don’t always choose the one with the pound of cheese melted on top. It’s ok sometimes because yes, cheese is delicious but don’t pick it all the time. Only eat half of the bagel and pair it with some fruit or your oatmeal or cottage cheese or a smoothie. You can pull some of the innards of the bagel out to get rid of some calories. And just don’t eat them for every meal of the day. Not good.

So this breakfast I had a wheat bagel that I toasted. Spread it with a nice layer of my extra crunchy peanut butter (yum) and put some sliced bananas and blueberries on top. I ate what you can see in the picture and was good for a couple of hours until I needed a little snack. It’s yummy and PB and fruit are awesome on so many things! Hmmm, I think I need to go pull more bagels out of the freezer and make this tomorrow morning…

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