Need A Little Extra Motivation??

My good friend Alyssa is doing a little challenge to help us all get a little more motivated and help motivate each other. I am not usually a huge fan because they can get so complicated, too many things to track and monitor and I just get too lazy. But I am feeling like I need a little push so I am joining her. It starts today so you can still join in and it’s pretty easy and straight forward to do! And she was nice and said any of you out there that want to join can join us! Here is a little description”

*George Bailey’s Fitness Challenge*

This IS a wonderful life! Today kicks off our George Bailey’s Fitness Challenge and I am so excited 🙂 🙂 🙂 Here is a run down of what to expect over the next three weeks… A “Daily Check-In” (whether you walked, ran, cycled–anything active, or had a rest day, this is where you’ll share what you did that day), Tuesdays & Thursdays there will be an optional “Fitness Challenge”, and a survey at the end of each week so that I can track points. It’s all on an honor system, but if you count mileage for points, the miles must be track-able (through a wrist band or pedometer on your phone). You will set your own weekly goals (minutes) at the beginning of the week and try to meet or exceed your goal which must be a minimum of 100 minutes/week. (By the way, 100 minutes a week, if you work out 5 days a week, is only 20 minutes each day). It might sound a little confusing right now, but as we get rolling, it will become clearer. Let me know if there are any questions. Fun and encouragement is…encouraged! Love you guys for doing this with me, thank you!

Meet Personal Weekly Goal – 50 Points
Exceed Weekly Goal by 25 Minutes – 10 Points
Exceed Weekly Goal by 50 Minutes – 20 Points
Exceed Weekly Goal by 75 Minutes – 30 Points
Exceed Weekly Goal by 100 Minutes – 40 Points
Check-In 5+ Days – 10 Points
Mileage (must be tracked) – 10 Points/mile

So if you want to join us then let me know! It’s a secret group so I will get you added. Come on and join us, a little more encouragement and motivation is always a good thing!

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