Books Make The Best Gifts

Olivia has a good amount of toys…I pride myself on my bargain shopping especially at D.I. I can’t pass up a practically new toy that is a dollar or less. And I love having one toy box out for her with another one hiding upstairs so I can switch them out every month and it’s new to her toys! (Thanks to my mom for that brilliant idea, she did it with us when we were growing up!) I do have a limit though on how many toys I let her have but books are a totally different story! I want her to have hundreds of books. Books about every subject and books of fun pictures and stories. Books that are just to read and books that are interactive. They say the more books kids have the smarter they will be…and that they should have 500 books! Since becoming an Usborne consultant, well I am definitely on my way to that and I love it. I love having so many great books for Olivia to choose from. And while I don’t put much on this blog about my business I just thought I would put a little tidbit on here in case you are wanting some great books for your kids! It’s too late to order directly from Usborne and have them here for Christmas but I am clearing out my inventory! I have some great ones and if you let me know what you want I will have them in the mail by Wednesday so you will have them by Christmas. You won’t be sorry about this kind of gift and it’s one your kids will love for forever! Just send me a message or text me or email me with questions or let me know what you want!

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