A Little Prep Goes A Long Way (Part 1)

I was asked to share a couple of my tips for getting a good healthy meal on the table without a lot of work. I told you awhile ago about my pantry and always having a good stock of food. It makes it easier to pull something together and keeps us out of the drive thru. Well next to my love of my pantry, I love my freezers. When we first got married we bought a chest freezer from Costco for less than $200. It has been one of our best investments! In our apartment it just sat in a spare bedroom but now in our house it can be in the garage. It is much happier out there.

A chest freezer is great because often when you buy large quantities of things you can get them for much cheaper. We have bought big boxes of chicken or huge pork loins, or big packages or ground beef or ground turkey. Saves money by buying it in bulk and we come home and stock our freezer. So here is my tip…

Buy meat in large quantities and package it up into smaller amounts that are a good size for your family. I either put the meat in sandwich or quart size ziploc bags and then put a bunch of those in a gallon size bag to prevent freezer burn. Or I wrap the meat in plastic and then put a few pieces of plastic wrapped meat into the big gallon bag.

Here is an example: Costco had pork loins for $1.99/lb one day and a few days later $1.69/lb and then on top of that each pork loin was $8 off. I couldn’t pass that off so I bought two…and then went back a few days later and bought two more. I had somewhere between 25-28 pounds of pork, and good pork, for about $18 dollars! On pork loin I put in the crockpot just by itself, not seasoning, no sauce and cooked it. When it was done I shredded it and put about 2 cups into sandwich bags and threw them in the freezer.

I cooked a second one to make into slow cooker pulled pork gyros (recipe coming soon, they were heavenly!). Kept some out for leftovers for the week and froze the rest in sandwich bags.

The plain bags I can pull out and mix with bbq sauce, throw on a pizza, a sandwich, in a quesadilla and have a super fast meal ready. Sometimes I mix the pork with salsa verde and make burritos or a “Cafe Rio” type of salad. The possibilities are endless.

With just a little effort I now have a dozen fast meals ready in the freezer.


The other two pork loins I cut up into 2 big roasts, 3 smaller roasts and a dozen thick porkchops. That is a lot of meals right there!

And to prevent boring you, you will have to stay tuned for part 2…haha, gotta keep you coming back somehow now don’t I? šŸ™‚

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