Part 2 of A Little Prep Goes A Long Way

Ok, I told you my meat tips for the freezer now here is my other tip. Make extra. If you are already cooking, why not double or triple the recipe and freeze the extra? It might mean a few extra minutes tonight but will save you many many minutes or hours in the future! And there isn’t much better than being tired and not wanting to cook and opening your freezer and seeing a lot of options.

I freeze extra chili and soups but those aren’t things I make often. Rice and taco meat though are something I make a lot. Even though they both are simple, I got tired of making them. One day I thought, I bet they would freeze just fine so why don’t I make extra and freeze it. It was perfect! I freeze plain rice, brown rice, salsa verde rice, cafe rio rice and taco meat. You can pull out a bag and make a quick stir fry or add it to a soup or make any sort of mexican food you can think of. Makes dinner super fast and will save you money by not eating out! And it’s healthier which is great especially this time of year because then you are fine eating a little bit of all the yummy holiday treats.

Just put the extras (whatever amount your family needs for a meal…I usually do enough for two meals in a bag so I have it to send with Rob to work) into a bag, label it with a permanent marker and throw it in the freezer. I try to write the date too so that I use the oldest stuff first but sometimes I forget. Lay them flat in the freezer if you can and then they will stack nicely.


You can set them in the fridge overnight to defrost if you think of it in advance. Or just defrost it in the microwave. Super fast dinners that taste delicious!

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