Eat Sugared Cereal!


I took this picture of Rob’s bowl of cereal a couple of weeks ago. It made me laugh because he usually would just eat a huge bowl of Fruit Loops (on the rare occasions when I buy sugary cereals). When I asked him what he was doing he said I am trying to be healthier. Yay, I am finally (after 3 years of marriage) starting to rub off on him! You can have your sugary cereal, you can even have a bowl of just sugary cereal every once in a while. But why not pair it with some Multigrain Cheerios to make it just a little healthier? Well done husband, well done.

Try this trick out, especially with your kiddos. It will make them happy to get some fun cereal and you happy that they are starting their day out with sugar!

2 thoughts on “Eat Sugared Cereal!

  1. Melinda says:

    I mix Honey Nut Cheerios with regular cheerios also, bran flakes with honey bunches of oats. Just the right amount of sweet with healthy ☺


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