Baby Steps

Think about your life. Is there something that has been hanging around there on the sidelines for a long time? Something that you keep trying to ignore, hoping it will just go away on it’s own but it just keeps popping up?

I feel like this has always been my life. Forever it was my weight, needing to make myself healthier. It’s constantly exercise, and eating healthy. Actually eating healthy food is easy…it’s just the treats that get to me.

There is something that I have had hovering over me for a long time. I am not going to go into any details right now, but I might in the future. This thing has been affecting me in every aspect of my life for so long, but I just kept thinking if I ignored it it would eventually go away. If I pretended it wasn’t there it wouldn’t be. The real issues is I am just terrified to look it in the eyes and make it go away. Well today I finally took that first step. A baby step but it’s a step. And you know what, I feel a little better today knowing that I am finally doing something.

So whatever there is in your life that you have just been ignoring, tackle it! Whether it’s getting more exercise, being healthier, cleaning out your junk drawers, finally finishing that project, calling an old friend, whatever it is just do it!

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