A Quick & Easy Side

I love side dishes if someone else makes them but I hate making them myself. Ok, I don’t hate making them but I just can’t ever think of what to make. So in the winter time this is my go to side dish multiple nights a week…sometimes every night! It goes well with anything and tastes fresh and is healthy for you!


So here you go, no real recipe because it is so simple! Make this as big as you need but for my little family I use one apple, one orange and one banana. Dice them all up, mix together and enjoy! Lately my mom and sister introduced me to sprinkling True Lemon on top and it’s so good! Adds another fresh level to it. It’s just crystallized lemon and it has so many great uses.


You can make this fruit salad as fancy as you want it. Add kiwi, pomegranate or pear. Make it more of a dessert and toss it with some whipped cream. It’s delicious!

Also, I had to throw this pic in because I thought the size in orange slices was funny…this was all from one orange! Haha the things that become funny when you hang out with a toddler all day…


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