Too Old?

I saw this quote today and it really got me thinking…

You’re never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

C.S. Lewis

Now I know I am not that old, 36 is the new 20 right? Right?!?! Come on, make me feel a little better here! But I lately have been wondering what my goal or dream is now.

I lost a ton of weight and have kept it off.  Check.

I completed a 100 mile bike race and beat my goal time. Check.

Got married. Check.

Had a baby. Check.

Bought a house. Check.

I have accomplished a lot of things in my life but am start to feel the itch of what now? I need something to be working towards. So help me out here…what are some of your dreams or goals that you are working towards? Or are you like me and not sure what you want to be doing right now?

I did think of one thing and it’s pie crust. Now don’t laugh. Yes I went to culinary school, yes I have been baking and cooking since I was 10 but pie crust is and always has been something that terrifies me. I LOVE pie crust when it is amazing and flaky but how many pies have you actually eaten with an amazing crust? I can probably count them on one hand. I usually eat the filling out and leave the crust…because why waste calories on something that doesn’t taste good right? So anyway, I told Rob the other day that I want to perfect the pie crust. But that might be a goal that will pack all the weight back on me! But still, I think I am going to do it.

But I need something else. Something to make me feel like I have a purpose every day and something I am working towards for myself. So this is just my little reminder to you that you are never too old. Whether you are 20 or 60, it doesn’t matter. Find something to work for, find something that you want and figure out how to get it! Fingers crossed I can find my next thing quick…

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