Patience Is A Virtue I Struggle With


Don’t forget to be patient with yourself. Don’t forget that our bodies move in slow motion, change takes time. Trust me, I know that it can be so frustrating to work so hard and not be seeing any changes in the mirror. Whatever it is about ourselves that we are trying to change, WE are often the last ones to notice and we definitely are our toughest critic. Why is it that we get so bound to our insecurities that when others do compliment us we brush them off, they truly fall on deaf ears.

I can speak from experience that it is so hard to be working your butt off (literally) and still look in the mirror every day and not like what you see. Just want to give up because the change just doesn’t seem to be happening. But I can promise you that one day you will look and things will be different.

I have what I lovingly refer to as a “fat person’s brain”. I don’t see myself as I truly look and although it is much better than it was 10 years ago I don’t know if it will ever be the way it should. I would give compliments and just brush them off. I thought people were just being nice to me because they knew I was trying to be healthier and lose weight and so they were just being nice even though it wasn’t true. Now I knew my body was changing some because my clothes were getting baggy and I had to buy new ones and then more time would go buy and I would have to again. But it wasn’t until we had a bonfire in the winter to lite a huge mountain of Christmas trees on fire that I really got a glimpse of myself. The fire was enormous and someone took a picture and put it on Facebook and I was looking at it and then noticed the silhouette of the person in front of the flames. I thought wait, my scarf was hanging down all lopsided like that one is on the person in the picture. And wait, those look just like my boots. Then the realization hit, holy cow, that is me?!?! That is what I look like?!?!

I don’t see this to pat myself on the back because I looked so good. I just share it because it was a huge moment for me. I got a glimpse of what I actually looked like and it was so different from the person I used to be that I was shocked. It took time for me to realize it was me I was looking at!

So I am saying this for you (and for me). Don’t go beating yourself up again because you don’t feel like you are seeing the progress you want fast enough. Remember that for each day you keep it up you are making a difference, change is happening. The human body cannot and does not change fast, the change is so slow that we often don’t really realize it until we stumble upon pictures from the past. OR for me, pictures of the present.

All that matters is that I remember that if I am giving it my all and I am really making an effort than even what feels like the tiniest of baby steps really are taking me in the right direction. Progress is happening. Just be patient.

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