This Is Me

It’s a constant journey and I some days I feel like I am figuring myself out and other days just don’t have a clue. But I am not ashamed of myself anymore. The song “This Is Me” is my anthem. I cried the first time I heard it, yep in the theater, full on crying. (In my defense I was pregnant though!) But it just hit me. I was ashamed of myself for so long. And still struggle with what I feel like I should or should not be at times. But I don’t have to be ashamed anymore. I am a work in progress and that is ok, I am trying. And I don’t have to feel bad anymore. And so Olivia (I can’t believe she’s 4!) and I dance to this song all the time. And she knows the words. And though she may not get the meaning of it all now, she knows the words and some day will remember them. She will remember her momma taught that she is awesome and amazing just the way she is and she should never be ashamed of that!



If I Can Do It You Can Do It

For those of you new around here let me introduce myself. I am Jamie and the mom to two adorable girls, Olivia (4) and Madelyn (1) and have an amazing husband Rob. This blog started out as my therapy. I have now lost 100 pounds total, and have kept it off for the last 10 years or so. I suffer from what I call “fat brain” and am addicted to food.  I LOVE food. I have been cooking and baking since I was 10, went to culinary school and am always thinking about the next delicious treat I can bake. Oh and I also love ice cream more than just about anything on the planet.

My size made me unhappy, really unhappy. And one day I decided I had had enough. I have always been active but was pretty much always over weight. I didn’t take any magical pills that melted the weight off overnight or survive off of celery juice. I made a lifestyle change. I found something I loved, spin class. It became my drug of choice. I also learned better portion control. Don’t think I starve over here, I could out eat almost everyone and sometimes do. But the majority of the time I am smart about what I eat and how much. And cut out sugar? Haha, yeah right. You wouldn’t want to be within a 10 mile radius of me if I did. I still eat ice cream and treats often, if not daily. (And sometimes more than once a day!)

There isn’t some magical secret, you just need to make changes to how you are living and find what works for you. And what may work for you for awhile may have to change at some point. I used to get up at 4:30 a.m., yes you read that right, 4:30 a.m. And I did so willingly 5 days a week and went to spin. Fast forward and now I have two little kids and purposely getting up that early doesn’t work for me now. So instead I throw my girls in the stroller almost every morning and we go for a 2-4 mile walk. I get to the gym when I can because I am a total gym rat and love being in a class with a teacher to push me to work harder. I find videos on YouTube that I can do from my house and make it work while my girls are climbing all over me or stealing my workout equipment. And I sadly don’t get to spin much anymore, there just aren’t classes when Rob is home and I could go. So I have a new found love for circuit training and our rec center started offering a stroller class so I can park my girls in the stroller and get an awesome workout in all while throwing snacks and toys at them to keep them happy. And even though the way it is for me now my not be exactly what I would hope it’s ok because recently I reached a goal of mine that I have always had!

I don’t share this to brag, I just want you to know that you can make it happen and make those changes to be healthier. I have always had big arms, regardless of my size, and have always been jealous of those with toned arms. Well me over here, me who used to be 100 pounds heavier, me who has had 2 babies, me who some days eats ALL the chocolate in the house, me who is 38 years old and pretty much runs on no sleep. Well I  now have the arms I have always wanted. Again, please don’t take this as bragging. If anything use it as motivation. I feel more healthy and strong than I have ever before in my life and that motivates me to keep it up. Healthy and strong is our mantra around here. Who cares what the number on the scale is or what size your clothes are. Healthy and strong are what matters!