Set An Example For Your Kids

If you want your kids to have a healthy lifestyle then you have to give them the opportunities so have one. It’s amazing to me how much Olivia watches my every move. She mimics things I do and say and long before she was born I decided she was going to be active. I don’t care what size she is, I don’t care if she dances or plays sports but I want her to be active. I want her and Madelyn to know that getting out and moving your body is fun and makes you feel good. And I want them both to see how amazing this world is. So in St. George last week, when every day was 105 degrees, we got up early and headed out with our girls. We picked a hike Olivia could do and for a good 40 minutes she led the way. She showed us how she could jump off of rocks. She showed up how strong her legs were to climb. And we talked about how gorgeous these red rocks are. You don’t have to do anything crazy, just get up off the couch and get outside and teach your kids by your example how much fun being healthy is!

P.S. This piggy back rider that I won was awesome! Olivia tested it out as we headed back to the car and thought it was so cool. Me on the other hand HATED the hiking backpack, it was killing my shoulders from the second I put it on! So if you have any good recommendations for a not expensive but awesome hiking backpack please share. Good thing I borrowed this one but thinking I would love to get one!


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