I Am A Beast


If all of those things in the meme above are what you are wanting, what makes you happy when someone says it to you then that is awesome. Me though, I don’t love it. I have a really hard time when someone tells me “oh you are tiny, there’s no way you could know what I am struggle with”. “you just wouldn’t understand how hard it is to lose weight” etc. I have to take a deep breath and just smile. Because what I really want to say is you have no idea. You have no idea how I spent the majority of my life over weight and unhappy. The majority not comfortable in my skin. You have no idea how I literally worked my butt off and am now the strongest and healthiest that I have ever been in my life.
The other day I went to a different circuit training class with a different teacher than I normally go to. In her class we did each exercise for 3 one minute rounds with 15 seconds break in between. I was on the tire flip and you guys that tire is heavy. I can’t remember for sure but I think it’s 150+ pounds. I flipped that tire better than I ever have before. I was feeling strong and that all my hard work has been paying off. The teacher came by on my third round and said, “wow, you are a beast!” And then quickly apologized. I laughed and told her that was the best compliment I could receive. Tell me I am strong, tell me I am a beast. Don’t focus on my physical appearance. Because honestly your physical appearance isn’t what matters. As long as you are working hard at whatever your goals may be and working to better yourself you are a beast! 🙂

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