Learn To Appreciate


-Tony Robbins-

Aren’t expectations pretty much our way of putting conditions on our happiness? I do this ALL time. Please tell me I am not the only one. We pretty much are saying “I will only be happy if ______ happens?”

IF my spouse spoils me for my birthday.
IF the kids are perfect angels today.
IF it doesn’t rain and ruin our plans.
IF I get this promotion that I deserve.
IF I don’t get sick.

What if we were able to trade those expectations for gratitude. Don’t you think that would be such a game changer? It could instantly make what we have feel like an abundance. Trading those expectations allows us to choose happiness and peace in ANY circumstance.

Again this is what I am working so hard at doing. Instead of being disappointed or let down with myself or a situation or a day, I start looking for the GOOD. In my life, in my relationships.

It really has started to change things. It gives me something to focus on and the hard times don’t always feel so hard. So instead of being grumpy because I had a four year old screaming at me all day. I think of how grateful I am for my child that I waited a really long time for. When the weather is bad and I don’t get to go hiking or to the reservoir with my family, I instead try to just be grateful for my family and for the day we get to spend together.  When a hard lesson has been learned I am trying to be grateful that I get to learn it.


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